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How Street Photography helped me develop my Wedding Photography career

Kissing couple in Soho New York

“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph"

-Andre Kertesz

I had the chance to work for two years in this magical, crazy city of New York. I lived in two different areas of Manhattan: Washington Heights and Harlem.

I worked at the Lyric Theater in Times Square 43rd St between 7th and 8th Ave.

Once I arrived, I immediately made an application to be a part of the famous ICP, International Center of Photography.

Within few days, I was accepted and started having classes there.

It was a huge opportunity to be surrounded by so many talented and inspiring colleagues, it really started to push my creativity and inspiration...

I traveled a lot in my life as a former Cirque du Soleil artist, but New York City was the only city with this intense energy,


Oh god, it is absolutely true!! New York is everything: crazy, beautiful, scary, romantic and tough.

I spent hours and hours walking around, taking photographs until my feet hurt.

I was searching for special moments, moments which were speaking to me in an emotional way, and New York had a lot to offer!!

My top 5 districts where I loved to spend time was Harlem/East Harlem, Soho, Midtown West, Meatpacking District, Downtown Brooklyn.

Each area was totally different and I liked to change zones every day.

So how did shooting street photography help me with wedding photography?

In three words: Observation, reaction, and discretion.

I was constantly looking around, analyzing people and their reactions. I tried to be invisible so that I didn't interrupt the scene!

I was super focused on things happening around me but I was also 'listening to the street'.

In street photography, the reaction is so important to capture the moment!

There is no time to think twice! You have to react within seconds and stay discreet! Most of my photographs are taken without the subject knowing that I took them. There is no time to plan a shot!

No time to change your light source or ask your subject to adjust their position….

It is the exact same process and workflow for wedding photography! I don't want the people to hide their true expressions or change their nature because they see me...

I want to keep my images as natural as possible.

Here are a few examples of my New York street photographs taken between 2016 & 2017...

Hope you enjoy them, let me know if you have any questions.

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