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My Professional Switch to Fujifilm

Recently, I’ve been getting many request and questions about my switch over to Fujifilm for wedding photography.

There are plenty of reviews and articles out there about Fuji cameras details, specifications, but after four weddings I want to focus more on my personal experience about the real sensation and physical impression of holding this camera and my results.

Using Fuji was for me a smooth but short transition. I first bought one body XT2 with two primes: the XF16mm 1.4 and the XF56mm 1.2, keeping as a back up my Canon 5DmarkIII, mounted with a 24/70mm 2.8 (already sold my 5DmarkIV ).

After numerous lifestyle sessions with this new system, I wanted to try different types of situations to see what this camera was capable of and how I would react.

I fell directly in love. I found so much joy in shooting; but not only that, the results were noteworthy. This XT2 reminded me of old times holding my precious film camera! As the upcoming wedding season approached, I kept thinking I should give it a try.

In short, this camera boasted an 11 hour wedding day with substantial battery life, no blackout, and tiny body which allowed me to feel exactly as I want to feel while photographing a wedding: DISCRETE.

Shooting with this gem made me feel like I was a guest at the wedding and completely unobtrusive.

Everything was clear with the XT2.

It allowed me fun shooting, quick access to all my main settings, agile responsiveness,

and never ran into any bugs or other issues.

I shot all day with 2 bodies (bought a second XT2) and my 2 primes, only changing the batteries three times on my main body and twice in the second one.

Next came the moment that every photographer waits with anxiety and restlessness: post-production.

I plugged my memory card into the computer and Boom! I discovered amazing images!

I was more than happy with the results and delighted to see my street photography style merging into my wedding career!

For the second wedding I was a bit conflicted regarding one point: Should I take my Canon 5DmarkIII with my 24/70mm 2.8 as back up, like I had last time. I couldn’t help but wonder if my results from the first wedding was luck.

In an effort to stay as lightweight as possible, I decided to take the challenge.

With only the Fuji in the bag, this time some extra as an XF23mm 1.4, XF35mm 2 and an excellent X100F, I completed the second wedding and had the exact same feelings accompanied by again, excellent results.

What is great about this camera is that it has pushed my creativity.

Not only am I more discrete and have a lighter ergonomic feeling, but the sensation the camera gives me is amazing.

It allows me to develop my style and take memorable images while being discrete during the ceremony.

Some of you will ask me about printing… Please see below a quick video showing one of the albums that I did 100% Fujifilm.

My client was blown away ;)

"Grazie ancora Martin per aver raccolto in modo straordinario il nostro matrimonio.. gioia,sorrisi infiniti,amore,tanto amore,famiglia,amicizia..grazie ancora di cuore.. ❤❤❤".


I have spent too much time looking for ‘the best camera’, ’the best lens’, or the best of everything! I was simply wasting my time.

A camera is only a tool to explore and share your creativity.

You are in control of the light and you make your own compositions.

So please don’t waste your time, go out and shoot and explore your apparatus and style!

Thanks for reading about my experiences switching to Fujifilm as a professional photographer.

I would like to thanks Fujifilm Germany & Italia for this amazing client services and sending me the XT2 to try it out before buying it.

I will write a following up article on how I actually set up and used the camera while shooting a wedding.

Please find below few images, if you want to see more visit my Wedding section in my main menu Website ;)

Let me know if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to share more with you!

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