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‘LVX’ series,


 Light & shadow, an abnormal duo as there are so many, all those things that are opposed but which despite themselves create, because of their connection, something unique, remarkable!

The sun and the rain for example with these blooms of natural mirrors on the floors of our streets reflecting the height of the buildings and thus the beauty of the place where it is located.

Perhaps a reminder for the passer-by who looks down too often?


In each impossible, contradictory duet there is something unique that emerges or is their direct creation. In my series it is therefore this contrast between darkness and light that I demonstrate, black and white, day and night all perfect strangers creating magnificent things that are almost alive at times.

In my photos the shadow is not there to hide the light but only here to demonstrate the beauty that they can create together, one needs the other. An improbable osmosis not speaking the same language but the result of which is magical. 

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