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As I move between worlds of performing and photography, my intention is to tell of the artist's journey to the stage through my lens; to capture moments that reveal these hidden lives from you, the audience.

As a performer, I understand those depths of emotion that we evoke for each show and with that advantage, I am able to provide a unique observation of that emotive journey from struggles to the simplest of routines, oblivious of their perception to the outside world.

In one sense this book is a photo documentary that narrates the diverse layers of life backstage and in another much more: it is to offer you a voyeur moment; to share in that energy manifested, the intimacy of our interactions or our intensity that translates in just a gaze; to even sense the anticipation I felt in the moment I pressed the shutter.

Documenting behind the curtain, where the lines of visual reality can blur, I bring to you in focus, a human vulnerability captured where we, the make-believe live... Coulisse.



2023 C. Martin Charrat All rights reserved

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